Couple weeks ago I was struggling. Running five separate businesses and launching a sixth takes its toll. On top of that I am trying to plan a wedding!

I am constantly being pulled in so many directions simultaneous that one day I woke up and I felt off. I was a little sad, a little depressed and completely out of alignment.

First thing, it is not like a light switch. Falling out of alignment is a gradual process. The stress, anxiety of doing what we do can slowly wear and tear on you. Each day you may fall a bit further away from your happy center.

The first thing you want to do is recognize the signs of when you start to fall out. Perhaps it is that you get a bit shorter, you feel a bit more rushed. If you can catch it early enough, often times you can refocus and recenter yourself.

I am personally a huge fan of meditating and journaling to return to my center. I will also hit the gym hard, turn my phone on airplane mode and focus on myself for an hour or so.

When I feel myself fall too far out of alignment, I do what seems really counterintuitive. I stop working. You might be thinking, what, are you crazy?!

But stepping away actually refuels and refocuses your energy. Gandhi was known to meditate two-to-three times as long if he felt busy or stressed.

Currently I take about 4 STRAIGHT hours per week uninterrupted completely away from work to recharge. My goal is to keep increasing that until I have a full day every week that I step away from all the work and stress.

Doing that relights you and reenergizes you. Try it.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto

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