I was chatting with a colleague of mine who develops and designs websites for small businesses. What he saw (at the time) was a routine planning for this his latest client’s website ended up being so much for for the client.

The process of having him redesign their website allowed them to look at their business from a totally new perspective and angle. That fresh analysis pushed them to reconstruct, restructure and improve their own service offerings to better their business. To this client, the project was anything but routine.

Then last week I received an e-mail from a talent I worked with who just received their final images from me and wanted to express how much the photos meant to them in their ongoing journey to transform their health. To paraphrase their message, “although this may have just been another photo shoot for you, this is so important for me in my progress, thank you so much!”

Although I make it a point to invest myself fully into each of my projects; the e-mail, as well as the recent conversation I had with my web designer friend, made me realize how important the projects we take on are, not just for us, but… for our clients.

A personal trainer helps someone get in shape. But really, a good personal trainer, transforms how a person views themselves. They help better their lives and enhance their confidence.

A photographer does more than just make pictures. They capture moments in time for their clients. They help their clients create something that tells a story.

A talent doesn’t just pose on set. Their work can help a magazine distribute more issues or an advertiser sell more products.

As you go into your next project or client, pause to ask yourself what this work really means for them.

James Patrick