I can still vividly remember my first intense workout on my journey to do a men’s physique competition. It was a vigorous session with my trainer which left me barely able to walk afterwards. Despite all the pain, it felt amazing. I truly felt like a rockstar. I was going to get up on stage no problem!

The next morning I was sore head-to-toe when I woke up. I went to the bathroom and took my shirt off to see the results of my intense labor. Admittingly, I was shocked to see that I was still a tub of goo!

Achieving the body you want does not happen overnight. Thta is why many are unable to stick to the effort of eating right and training day after day.

The same happens in your personal marketing efforts. You can start a Facebook Page and the next morning you are not going to be booking a national magazine cover or be hired to be in an ad campaign. You can sent out a promo packet or attend a seminar and the next morning you probably will not notice a huge change in your business.

Growing yourself, your brand and your business is not about overnight success. Marketing yourself is about a culmultive effort that takes both time and multiple layers. Don’t fall prey to the common mistake of stopping too early before your efforts have a chance to gain momentum!

James Patrick