As a modeling talent, you attempt to pitch yourself to a magazine or a commercial client and you don’t hear back. Discouraged you decide never to submit again are feel resentful towards the publication or client.

After all – how could they ignore YOU? It is you and according to you – you are pretty special, amazing, unique and a special once in a lifetime opportunity.

The problem is, that to everyone else who is not you, it is not about you.

It is about them. They are busy, they have problems, they have things to do and chances are – you are not the most important thing on their list to think about.

So if it is about them and all you focus on is you – there will be a disconnect in your marketing efforts towards these potential clients and publications.

It is about needing it refocus your perspective and view to focus on them and not you.

The value and quality of all your marketing efforts (your social media efforts, your pitching efforts, your networking efforts and so on) is entirely decided upon by your audience.

What can you do for them? How can you help them? What are you offering them that is unique or different? What are you doing to make their work easier or to help their company achieve it’s goals?

This allows you to view things from the perspective of your audience as opposed to only your own.

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto