Chris Guillebeau Book Tour - Tempe, AZ

Chris Guillebeau Book Tour – Tempe, AZ

It was brutally hot this past Saturday in Phoenix. The kind of hot that zaps all of your energy right out of your body the moment you walk out your front door. Yet despite the heat outside, nearly 200 people gathered together at the Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe. There were chairs for more than 100 – however the rest stood wherever there was open room.

They came to meet, shake hands with, listen to, and ask questions to author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau who just released his latest book The $100 Startup. According to Chris the book is a guide for those in search of freedom. It is for those who are dissatisfied with their current professional position. It is for those who want to take the next step.

“This book is 300 pages of next steps” – Chris Guillebeau

In the unconventional style that represents Chris’ brand (for those who are unfamiliar, he is the author of The Art of Non-Conformity as well as a bevy of Unconventional Guides which cover topics such as how to publish a book, working for yourself, freelancing, and more) this was unlike a typical book tour.

Chris Guillebeau Speaking

Chris Guillebeau Speaking

There was no book reading and no hard sales pitch. After only talking about his book for perhaps 15-20 minutes, Chris spent the rest of the time allowing the guests who came to ask their questions about what they are doing as he took the time to offer various bits of advice.

The main take-away from the event was that we as individuals need to decide for ourselves what our success is going to look like. We should not allow someone else to decide that for us.

Chris notes that for a long time self-employment was viewed as risky. But with the status of our job market today, that status of what is riskier has shifted.

As a special benefit to those who attended, we also got to see and hear from fellow author Pamela Slim who is the author of the book Escape From Cubicle Nation. Pamela joined in with Chris in answering audience questions on starting projects which were unique, interesting, and profitable.

I walked out of the event brimming with ideas and next steps that I can begin implementing immediately into my business.

My question to my readers is, what is your next startup?

Feel free to check out the official video trailer of The $100 Startup:

James Patrick