12140883_775017345954662_3058332309415483286_oThis past weekend we hosted our first ever FITposium conference here in Arizona.

More than 50 fitness talents gathered with approximately a dozen presenters to focus on discussing and sharing best practices for three major areas in the fitness talent industry.

1. How to define your brand.

2. How to market your brand.

3. How to profit from your brand.

12140202_774967319292998_8187619475821829235_oHere were some of the top lessons attendees took from the event:

– Focus on your brand at the early stages. Determine who you are, what defines you and what your goals are. This will help direct you on how to chart your course.
– Develop the right marketing materials that support your brand. This includes, most importantly, your portfolio. Shoot the right images to represent you having your portfolio look forward not backwards. Meaning – showcase the images you want to be hired for.
– Focus on the story behind your brand and market an emotional connection as opposed to relying just on facts and statistics.
РExplore the various monetization options early on in your career to determine which mix may be best suited for you. It may not be strictly on-camera work Рbut a mix of other services as well.
– Test various strategies to see which yields the best return. Perhaps it is commercial work, online coaching, e-books, video work, etc.
– Make it extraordinarily easy for people to find, connect and hire you for these services.
– Realize that our new medium is all about interactivity and cutting through the clutter to have a great message. Don’t just add to the noise. Create something different.
– In order to succeed, your brand must stand apart from others.

Thank you goes out to all our presenters, the team who hosted the event as well as to all those who attended! We truly hope you enjoyed it.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto