I am increasingly becoming obsessed with this latest phenomenon of individuals stating that their intent is to be an inspiration to others. My follow up question is always, inspire others to do what?

When did we as a society become consumed with the desire to be inspirational? It is a new pandemic.

There wouldn’t be a problem with this highly infectious epidemic if most people actually wanted to be inspiring.

What we are seeing is that most people just want to appear as if they are inspirational, as opposed to actually doing the work to inspire others.

Inspiring others means you are willing to go out into the community. It means you have to connect directly to others. It means you have to do the work required to create change in the life of others. That is inspiration. That is worth noticing. That is worth following.

It is not posting yet another photo on yet another social media platform and sitting back waiting to cash in on likes and comments.

If you want to inspire – actually inspire – get ready to do the work required to grind it out, to actually connect with people, to actually challenge the status quo.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto