As a kid I really only had two options at anytime I was bored. I could remain bored or I could entertain myself.

Remember now, this was before cell phones, endless apps, social media channels. My family, like most others, didn’t even own a computer.

My choices at the time were looking at clouds or coming up with ways to stimulate my brain. I soon found out that all I really needed was some blank paper and a pencil.

At first it was just doodling. Then it became short stories. I got a typewriter from my father and now had the ability to write longer stories faster than before.

As I got older I concepted and sketched out dozens of comic book characters. I wrote short stories constantly.

Thus my entire life I have constantly exercised my curiosity to be creative.

However today when people are bored they pull out their phones. Not to open up the note pad section and start typing away a new story – but to scroll through apps, open a browser window. This has severed our ability potential to create.

I would still take a blank piece of paper any day.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto