I was asked to be a guest on a video blog and podcast of someone in the fitness industry. We confirmed the date and time and I jumped on Skype and waited. Nothing happened. 30 minutes later I closed my browser and went on with my day of work.

I later received an e-mail from the host apologizing for the mistake on his end not knowing if we were confirmed (despite having confirmed). He asked to reschedule taking full blame for the first mishap.

So we rescheduled and once again the morning of the interview I responded to an e-mail from him confirming the time.

When the interview time came up I once again jumped on Skype and waited. This time I only sat and waited for 20 minutes without anything happening before I jumped off.

This time I fired off an e-mail to him first saying that I once again waiting for him to jump on Skype to start the interview and once again was left waiting with nothing happening.

He responded, apologizing once again and once again saying he was not sure if we were confirmed for the time (even though we had confirmed it). He used the exact statement “I am used to people flaking.”

Imagine any business model running their operations on the assumption that people will flake.

You schedule your car to get an oil change but when you arrive the mechanic is not there because he assumed you wouldn’t show up.

You book with a therapist and when you get to their office they are not there because they assumed you wouldn’t go through with the booking.

You hire an architect who never designs your building because they assumed you would change your mind and not want it built.

My honest query is wondering how he ever got a single guest on his show if he just assumes everyone will flake?

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto