As we approach the new year there are 7 important rules that all entrepreneurs must abide by if they want to succeed.

1. Automation is going to struggle
We are always looking for ways to systemize our workflow. However, if a client feels like the onboarding process is too systemized, it is going to pull the out of their user experience. Users want a more customers and direct experience. Your approach needs to honor that consumer expectation.

2. Consumers want a more enriched nurturing experience
Consumers want to feel like they are recognized and noticed. The more energy and attention you can give to nurturing your clients to make them feel valued before you ever ask for the sale the better.

3. Generalist are also going to struggle
We as consumers don’t want a jack of all trades. We want someone who specializes. What platform do you own that no one else can touch you on? That is what we are seeking!

4. Smoke and Mirrors do not work
This was already going away but it is dying even faster. Clients want to see behind the curtain to know how you do the work you do and how you can support them. Pretending the work you do is too “secret” will not serve your audience.

5. Membership models will reign supreme
How can you integrate a subscription model into your business platform? Predictable revenue. This will be a primary driver in our economy.

6. Contrast matters
This is similar to point #3. You need to contrast yourself in this industry. Show how you are different from others in your industry.

7. Social proof is your #1 marketing asset
We want to see what you can do for us by seeing what you have done for others!

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James Patrick
Instagram @JPatrickPhoto