So many ideas falter and entrepreneurs fail. But they don’t fail because the  ideas were not great enough. They don’t fail because the entrepreneurs were not hard working enough. They fail because they were not LOUD enough and their message never got heard.

That is precisely why I created the GET AMPED MASTERMIND!

This year long mastermind is for entrepreneurs who are tired of being quiet and want to get loud! They want to get loud in their business and their brands.

Sounds amazing right?! But there is bad news. The bad news is that we are now over 50% sold out!

The 2019 mastermind includes:
· Strategy & Branding Review Session with both of us to set your 2019 goals and directions.
· TWO in-person high level mastermind weekend retreats featuring guest speakers, elite training sessions, group activities and special receptions for amplified business and entrepreneurial leaders.
· 1-on-1 Quarterly Check-in Calls with James or Kelly tailored to your brand.
· Monthly group coaching calls for accountability, further education and collaboration.
· Accountability partner to keep members on track.
· Photo shoot with James Patrick Photography.
· FITposium 2019 Full Conference Pass w/ VIP Access.
· Exclusive Session around FITposium 2019 (limited only to GET AMPED Mastermind Members)
· and much more!

With only a few spaces left, you do not want to miss out on your opportunity to level up your brand by being connected to a tribe who think and operate on a higher frequency. It is time to get loud!

Head over to to learn more and schedule your free consultation to see if you would be a good fit for this exclusive group!

Imagine where you will be a year. Imagine where your career, your brand, your passion will be in a year with the right tools, the right resources, the right connections all pushing you to success. I cannot wait to begin this process of helping our tribe GET LOUD!

James Patrick
IG @Jpatrickphoto