Imagine that, a question being responsible for $37,000 in revenue. True story and I was the person that the question was asked to.

The question was asked to me after this individual gave me some consulting over the course of an hour. So for an hour this person is giving me their time, but more importantly, they are giving me value. After the conversation came the question.

Here it is, pay close attention to the wording.

“Who could you refer me to that could benefit from my services?”

The question was not “do you know anyone” or a statement such as “it would be great if you knew anyone.”


The question, worded the way it was, merited that I give a direct answer.

I said actually two names.

The follow up request was “can you send an email to introduce us?” A direct inquiry for me to take a very specific action.

There was nothing vague or passive about the question and subsequent request. It was very intentional with a purpose behind each word.

Those two names, who I referred to this individual, went on to hire them for a total gross revenue of $20,000.

A few weeks later I thought of another person who I referred and they paid a total of $17,000 for the individual’s services.

All because of the direct question “who could you refer me to.”

When you request things, are you asking passively or can you be more direct and intentional? Who could you refer me to?

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto