FITPOSIUM UPDATE: We now have confirmed Michelle Glicksman, Editor in Chief of Scottsdale Health Magazine as a new presenter for FITposium 2015 where she will share with talents what they need to know when pitching to magazines. Register now at for the event on June 6 in Mesa!

Those in our profession are honored to do the work we do. It is a privilege, not a right, to work professionally as a photographer, a model or a makeup artist. We have careers in which we can invest ourselves constantly improving and bettering our abilities and our craft.

Potential success is measured against our efforts, our approach and our vision and as a result the market determines our position.

Laziness, lethargy, apathy and lack of originality will yield a lower tier in the marketplace. By contrast, creativity, passion, development, effort, energy and persistence demands a much higher plateau.

To compound all of this – we chose this profession. None of us are required to be in this field. If we all are given the opportunity to go the mile in this business, which we are, why would we minimize it and only work for a few feet?

This is an insult to the privilege we have to do the work we do.

James Patrick
@jpatrickphoto on IG