I was talking to someone yesterday who has been hung up on their new venture because they’re just not sure which platform to use to host their program.
“So and so suggested Kajabi”
“But this person likes Click Funnels”
“But wait, someone else said to use Ontraport!!!”
Two important things to realize:
1) you can stay in this place forever, never moving forward because you’re allowing this decision to be the cornerstone of your business.
2) NO… ONE… CARES!!!!!
I said it.
No one cares what platform you use. They don’t care if you spent $10,000 building out the best online platform or just emailed them for free.
What do people care about?
If yes, then I’m a client.
If no, I’ll find someone who can.
You really think they care how the “solution” is delivered?
I remember my first ebook sales, I would get someone to PayPal me and I would then manually email them the PDF!
Flash forward a decade and I’ve used or tested most platforms that exist. And I’ve learned that although some are better here or there… they’re all relatively similar.
And also…
The system doesn’t sell the solution. YOU DO.
We don’t buy from you because you set up the perfect Click Funnel. We bought because you can solve our problem.
Also did you know you could even charge a subscription to a group on Facebook?!
Make it simple.
Move on
AND serve your audience!
And guess what?! If you hate it… change it and lick another.
But never allow this to hold up your need to show up for those who need you!
James Patrick
IG @JPatrickPhoto