Not unlike most a-holes, the Passive Aggressive one is not terribly hard to spot. In fact, they will often call attention out themselves with snide comments and bitter public displays of disapproval executed in a way of mere self gratification. They casually, and without provocation, chime in with their disdained opinion that is shrouded in their own inadequacies.

Having no real perception or focus on their own journey, the Passive Aggressive A-hole (or PAA for short) simply enjoys attempting to derail others.

So what is one to do when they encounter a PAA?

One is to keep doing exactly what they were doing which incited the PAA. It is only aggravated when what you are doing attracts their attention. It reacts much like a zit, a boil, or a hive – often festering with pus-filled irritation.

Do not allow the PAA to deter you! Honestly; it is more often than not a sign that you are doing the right thing.

James Patrick