Woody Allen was quoted in saying that 80% of success in one’s ability to show up. I think in today’s fast paced marketplace that is probably now closer to 90%.

About two years ago, one of the publications I work with decided to host a model search event. The number one requirement – the models that wanted to be considered for a feature had to show up. We had numerous e-mails after the event wanting to apply without ever showing up.

About five years ago I orchestrated an event that put young professionals in the same room as a bevy of clients looking to hire. Once again – only those who showed up had the opportunity to make the connections and establish future relationships.

Showing up requires persistence and perseverance and I’ve been able to witness many of our clients reap the benefits of consistently being able to show up as they grew their brand in the talent industry or as entrepreneurs.

Another way to look at it is that by not showing up you handicap your potential success by 80-90%.

James Patrick
IG @Jpatrickphoto