There are few very things I find addictive. If I want to do something I do it and if I decide that I don’t want something I won’t do it. I’ve always been fairly practical in that sense and can make most things black and white. That mentality I have applies to food, libations, friends, activities you name it.

However there is something I do find very addictive and many other entrepreneurs share the same condition. Success. There is nothing more powerfully addicting than success. And more importantly, why should there be? Success is the ultimate in addiction.

My guess is, if you are choosing to read this blog, then you too suffer from success addiction. It is the addiction to success that has us work tirelessly on our craft. It is the addiction to success that has us take chances, risk ourselves to strive to achieve it. It is the addiction to success that has us push ourselves beyond what we even thought possible.

The great thing about success is that once you have a taste of it, it spreads. Success breeds more and more success. And, the newfound success is not limited to just yourself. Success spreads across your connections. It spreads across your industry. You’ve no doubt heard the expression that a rising tide will float all boats.

So set out and work towards achieving something that matters to you. A taste a success that you cannot do without.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto