Once upon a time I worked this this project manager at my previous career in marketing. This guy almost never lost a project he chose to pursue. At some point he made a decision to make a change and do things different from all the other project managers in the office. The result was that he had unparalleled success in the office.

He fundamentally redefined our approach on how to build lasting relationships with our clients. Sure he was quite confident in this process, almost showboating, but the results could not be argued as he built a strong backlog of work that spread to all corners of the office.

His efforts were eventually rewarded by the company laying him off and greedily trying to take over and divvy up all the work he was responsible for bringing in.

One he was gone, the company then had a difficult time trying to get any work from those clients he had built relationships with.

The project manager himself quickly landed a job at a rival firm and I am very proud to say that he beat us out of most of the projects we competed for. He did this because he made a change from how other project managers chased and pursued work and it eventually led him to lasting results.

Stay tuned for next week’s article on how a teacher decided to change how he approached educations and how it benefitted the lives of his students.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto