Twice in the past month I heard the following:

“I mentioned that I was going to do pictures with you and they didn’t want me to.”

It was in relation to a personal trainer who was encouraging their clients not to work with me. It was nothing slanderous – just simply that anyone they trained should not hire me.

If you are in business long enough – you will upset someone – especially as a modeling talent. It is bound to happen. Perhaps it is a fellow model who doesn’t care for your recent string of success. Maybe it is someone else who doesn’t appreciate your bold approach to your work. Either way – it will happen at some point. Here is how you can handle it by using the best defense you have – your work and your clients.

My response to this situation was pretty straight forward. It was not to get mad and fight back, trash talking the personal trainer – no one will ever benefit from that drama. Instead it was a to state the following.

It is unfortunate that they chose to tell their clients this – it is something I cannot change and I am sorry you had that happen to you. If you are interested in working with me – I would happily make it happen. However if you have any concerns about working together then I encourage you to simply contact anyone who has ever hired me before, anyone, and ask them about their experience.

I can say this because I am completely confident that you will hear about a positive experience – not a negative one.

My question to the personal trainer is this – would your previous clients say the same about you?

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto