I decided to do a source post to see what other talents believe the best advice they ever received was.

Nadine Dumas: Don’t ever sacrifice quality for quantity.

Kim Dolan Leto: Always under-promise and over-deliver.

Tiffany Gaston: Step outfit of your comfort zone and face your fears in order to grow.

Samantha Kozuch: Don’t give up.

Felicia Romero: I can’t control what others think or do. I can control the way I respond to it.

Leah Ward: Never hire a bad photographer just because they will give you free photos. Hire the right people, put together good marketing materials and find the people you want to pitch to.

Jen Jewell: Be authentic. Never compromise your morals and values.

Chady Dunmore: Consistency is everything.

Brooke Stacey: Go with your gut instinct and what feels right to you.

Heather Green: Failure happens only when you stop trying. Don’t be afraid of rejection.

Tiffany Bachus, RD: Stay true to who you are. Don’t change or try to be like someone else.

Alyx Ulbrich: Remain completely true to yourself. Don’t try to sell out sexy for a few likes or a quicker sponsorship. Keep being the crazy tough bad ass you are and people will take notice.

Jessie Hilgenberg: You won’t make it as a fitness model. You’re too short and too muscular. Technically not “advice”, but it has been the number one motivator to reach and go beyond all of my goals and dreams from the very, very beginning.

Lori Harder: Start before you’re ready. If you want to be or do something, be and do it now. Start showing up as that person and acting as if you are, and one day you will wake up and be that person.

James Patrick, ACG, ALB
IG @jpatrickphoto