It is about 8 in the morning on a Friday in Arizona and I’ve already been at it for a few hours cranking away e-mails, photo edits and taking a moment to send off a blog article. Last night I fell asleep on my living room floor surrounded by several notepads of notes and ideas.

I had just gotten back from a week working in Los Angeles. Three 11-hour-days in a row shooting on the beach at sunset as well as in a gritty and intense gym. You can see the behind the scenes video from one of the days here.

James Patrick and Gena Lee Nolin on set and behind the scenes of our upcoming magazine project

James Patrick and Gena Lee Nolin on set and behind the scenes of our upcoming magazine project

We came back to Arizona for another photo shoot in Scottsdale. I took a quick trip home to wash clothes, see the dog and then it was back on the road to work with actress and now author Gena Lee Nolin for an upcoming publication cover and spread.

After the shoot it was back home to shortlist the images and send them off to the magazine’s art director for review.

I had a moment to grab dinner before I fell asleep (amongst all my notes). Today I wake up to a new magazine cover in my e-mail that just came out. I quickly post it on Facebook as I am getting ready to leave town again for a few days to shoot another magazine cover and spread as well as photographing a team of fitness competitors before their upcoming show.

I will get to be home a total of three days before I am then jet setting off to Las Vegas to work for five days there. Hopefully will have time to grab a Yayo Taco and then it is back to Arizona to crank out some work here.

Before I know it I have to be back in Las Vegas for Olympia and then immediately head out to Los Angeles for another publication feature my team and I are doing.

This is all being done while still running The Pro Exposure podcast, launching a new e-book, printing a new hard copy book of my photography work and constantly pushing to grow my business and career from Good to Great.

I’m now on my second cup of coffee for the mor

ning. I just did a gear check for my weekend of shoots and popped a few ibuprofen to kill the headache I woke up with.

I’m exhausted, tired and spent. My eyes are puffy and blood shot. My body aches from constant movement and little rest.

New Max Sports & Fitness Magazine Cover featuring Marcus Johnson

New Max Sports & Fitness Magazine Cover featuring Marcus Johnson

But… I am extremely happy. If I wanted to, I could simply take a day off to sleep… however I’m energized and motivated by what I’m doing.

Who would have thought that living this lifestyle was possible? I don’t sit in an office all day nor do I attend endless meetings.

I travel, I make pictures, and I love every day that I can continue to do so.

I am at the helm of my own pirate ship. Destination for only me to decide.

Second coffee is down and I need to throw my clothes in a bag and get on the road.

Where are you taking your own pirate ship today?

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