I received a Direct Message from someone in Instagram asking to work together. I’d never heard of this person, seen them, or had any idea they even existed prior to the message. However almost unbelievably they had half a million followers on Instagram. Seriously… that is not really believable.

They wanted to trade out a shoot with me in exchange for a shout out on their social media channel. I quickly browsed their list of followers. Most of which that I saw in the quick look I took were illegitimate profiles with only 1 picture yet following thousands of accounts. The only legitimate followers this “model” had were young males probably only following because of all the revealing selfies she posted.

Neither the fake accounts, nor a bunch of drooling guys, would care about what I do and more importantly – wouldn’t help me at all.

This pitch is a microcosm of an atrocious development in our business and I very much look forward to when a light is shined on the illegitimacy of it.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto