We as entrepreneurs struggle with confirmation bias. If we have any doubt in ourselves or the work we are trying to do, we will constantly seek out information that reaffirms those fears. That is why we fixate on the 1 star reviews on our podcast or the negative comments on our blog. Our brain becomes wired to seek out the bad as an affirmation noting that we were not meant to do this. That this is our excuse to quit and go back to doing safe work that no one ever noticed or complained about (because they never noticed).

But why are we accepting critique from those we would never turn to for advice?

When you try to please everyone – you end up pleasing no one.

Your options are to BE BOLD OR BE IGNORED

Ask yourself, who is this work for and who is this not for?

Be willing to accept advice from those you turn to or from the top clients you are trying to serve. I cannot fathom why you would spend the time listening to anyone else.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto