It is 8:30 in the morning as we are writing this on our second cups of coffee.

In the past few days the James Patrick Photography team has worked about sunrise to sunset here in Los Angeles. We spent all day Friday at a dark, gritty and sweaty gym photographing a variety of workout spreads and cover shoots. Then on Saturday we traveled out to Coto de Caza and worked with another handful of talents at a gorgeous location outdoors. We woke up Sunday morning (sunburnt) and headed out to the beach to photograph another group of people until the sun dropped below the horizon.

Now, all the gear is packed and we are about to hit the road back to Arizona. We’re exhausted (and still pretty sunburnt!). In the past few days we worked with about 15 or so various modeling talents and created more than 6,000 images that we have to go through.

Yet, despite being extraordinarily tired (and not really looking forward to a long drive), we all feel amazing.

The reason being is that we know we have selected a career path and a passion that means something to us.

It is that passion and drive which continues to push us forward. Yes, we are looking forward to catching up on some rest, but we are even more excited for the next opportunity ahead of us.

As we pour ourselves our third cup of coffee, we even begin to look forward to the drive ahead as we know it will be filled with conversations about what can and will come next for us.

When you truly love what it is that you do, it never really feels like work.

James Patrick, Kimberly Miller & Jason Black