Last weeked the James Patrick Photography team spent five days in the Los Angeles area working on a variety of projects with a wide array of talents which included published and well known fitness talents, competitors trying out for the 2012 Olympics Team USA, fashion and commercial models and more.

The entire trip was a fast-paced blur of photo shoots at various locations including a gritty cross fit gym, a lucious mansion and a serene beach setting. You can see a bunch of behind the scenes photos at our Facebook Page.

Now that it has been one week since returning and a bit of the dust has settled, I’ve been able to mentally process a few things which have been circling through my mind.

However, first, a small bit of background…

This was one of the most challenging work trips to we’ve orchestrated (that is, compared to others we have done in the past). Perhaps the reason behind this is that we went into planning this trip with larger goals than and expectations than we ever have. We raised the mark and then worked like hell to hit it.

Between reserving the right mix of locations, going through what seemed like endless steps to obtain the proper permits to work in certain areas, connecting with the right people, making sure the schedule was booked up but not overbooked, making sure driving distances between hotel and the various locations were manageable, and spending what was honestly countless hours prepping all the final details; we were in full disclosure wiped out before the trip even began.

But then something happened on the very first day of shooting and carried on nonstop for the following days up until the sunset on the final day when snapped off the last frame.

Amazing and uplifting energy was created by it. The talents which came on set were energized by it. The team was motivated by it. The shots we created benefitted because of it.

What was that something?

It was the realization that we were all doing this for the right reasons. That we could digest the challenges, to push through, to pursue something we are truly passionate about. That we would have gone through even more, because we were doing things which we felt mattered. It is the difference between just wanting something and the drive to achieve it.

This comes to light a bit more when we see the comments and notes and tweets and status updates from fellow professionals or up-and-coming talents in our industry. We see those who are making the same pushes, who are seeing the same energy and excitement. On the flip side, we also see those who criticize their pursuits by developing lists of complaints they have about the work field they chose to be in.

You see, in the quest to achieve our passions we are tested constantly. It is our ability to endure and push through those tests which show us if we are doing the right thing, if we are truly and genuinely passionate about this. If we are doing work that we feel matters.

Because the reality is… pursuing your passions is an active, not a passive, decision and commitment. And my guess is if you are reading this, then you are one of those who have chosen to be proactive in your efforts, your pursuits, your pushes and your strides to make your passions into a reality.

James Patrick