Time is the most valuable commodity we have – yet the companies we follow and subscribe to have become very comfortable with wasting our time.

Even when they have nothing to say we get posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogs bombarding us with subpar content. Just what we need is someone posting another meme, what so-and-so ate for breakfast or regurgitated concept they lifted from another source.

It oversaturates our senses with useless noise.

This is why if I do not have a long blog post to write – I simply don’t write a long blog post. The one from earlier this week was no more than a few sentences.

I increased my blog from one article a week to two articles a week because I felt confident the amount of content I had to share merited it. The reason I’ve kept the podcast I do to once every other week as opposed to weekly is because I don’t feel confident that we have enough content to make that transition.

However (and unfortunately) many of us feel that if we are not posting constantly – our audience may forget us or assume we are not doing anything at all – perhaps that we’ve even expired. The result is far too many posts that leave far too little of an impact.

When all we are doing is creating noise (as opposed to focused and valuable content) the result is that people just stop paying attention.

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto