Recently I wrote a post posing the inquiry of whether or not photography should be a licensed profession. The intent behind the question was two-fold.

1) To protect the consumer from fraudulent or unprofessional service providers by having a high standard of ethical practices for acceptance.

2) To raise the bar on the industry itself by increasing the expectations of the consumer and what is to be provided.

The question I posed was to encourage discussion and now that we’ve chatted about it both here and on TheProExposure podcast I can say that although I am not in favor of licensing the profession – I am in favor of protecting the consumer and raising the bar on the industry itself.

The latter of the two being something I can personally take part in and address. The idea is that if all good service providers continue to better their offerings and raise the expectations of the consumer – that the bad service providers will be forced to change their practices to keep up or simply will be weeded out of business.

As such I’ve had numerous commitments to my clients that I would like to reiterate as well as add in some new ones as well.

WE WILL respond to all necessary e-mails and phone calls promptly (most within 24 hours)
WE WILL have a quick turn around on your proofs (most within 24 hours)
WE WILL have a quick turn around on your selected edits (most within 2 weeks)
WE WILL focus on your goals and needs for the photo shoot
WE WILL provide both online and print versions of the edits for your usage
WE WILL strive to establish a fun, comfortable and professional on-set experience
WE WILL be available for questions before, during and after the shoot
WE WILL continually research magazine submissions procedures (we’ve had more than 40 covers this year alone)
WE WILL maintain a strong understanding of the most marketable images
WE WILL be committed to your overall satisfaction of the project
WE WILL develop beyond the image

And there is more… we will continue to do these blogs, as well as TheProExposure podcast as well as additional e-books such as Fit Model Guide to inform and educate our clients on the industry. We will continue to seek out new offerings to our clients such as media kit designs, e-book designs, business card designs, video demo reels and more.

This is our commitment to you as our client. We will be better and we will continue to raise the bar for what you should expect from photographers in this industry.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto