With only a single month left in 2013 it is already time to look ahead to what is to come not only for the rest of this calendar year, but what will happen at the start of the new year. What follows, in no particular order, is a list of things you can expect coming up from myself and the rest of the James Patrick Photography team!

Developing Your Personal Brand as a Modeling Talent Manifesto
My first e-book which is almost complete will cover everything you as a modeling talent should know to not only develop your personal brand, but to differentiate it from other brands as well as to continually manage it throughout your career. This manifesto will be posted entirely for free through my blog. You can download it, share it, steal it and hopefully use it in your journey.

The Fit Model Guide to Being Published
This is my first public post about this project. My second e-book, which was completed in conjunction with The Pro Exposure, is presently in the editing process and will be released at the start of the new year. Through many interviews with magazine editors, marketing and communication professionals and various modeling talents it details everything you need to know to market yourself to magazines in the health and fitness industry. Stay tuned for more details on the release of this book!

The Pro Exposure
We now have nearly 40 episodes posted entirely for free on the website covering topics from pitching to magazines, to developing your brand, to starting a brick and mortar business, to tops for going to auditions and more. This is your source for inspiration and information on how to success in the talent industry. We have completely re-branded the project with a new logo, new website and will have a bevy of new episodes in 2104 covering topics in greater details as well as new topics such as developing an understanding of your personal business finances, handling insecurity in the industry and more. Also expect to see additional video features being done in concert with the podcasts.

Year of the Shot and the Replacement?
I will be posting one more photo project as part of my year long creative campaign called the Year of the Shot. It has been a great year in which I’ve learned a multitude of new things and have testing myself on a variety of projects. I have not decided what I will do with the Year of the Shot in 2014, however I am preparing to launch a new website in early 2014 which will be a blog style website that covers my latest projects in greater details. For example it would showcase images from my latest commercial and editorial shoots, behind the scenes details on what made the projects unique and exciting and more. As my main blog (that you’re presently reading) is primarily business related and geared towards helping modeling talents, the new blog/website will be directed towards photographers, creative and art directors.

Studio J (Working Title)
Myself and my colleague and business partner Jason Black are presently looking at different spaces in Phoenix and Scottsdale to open our first owned professional photo studio. Our projected open date is sometime in the first quarter of 2014.

Endurance in Focus
In 2012 I created my first printed book of imagery called Strength in Contrast (featuring Artie Cook on the front cover and Kathryn Gosztyla on the back cover). As we speak, my graphic designer and I are presently wrapped up the editing process of my second printed book Endurance in Focus. It includes a variety of images I’ve created in the health, fitness and sports industries.

There will be plenty of more discussion and posts about each of these developments in the coming weeks. It has been a fantastic year thus far and I am so excited and anticipatory for what is to come next!

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