STRONG Fitness Magazine featuring Callie Bundy photo by James PatrickLiterally one week before Callie Bundy came out to Arizona for our sixth annual photo shoot together, I got a call from Vinnie Pe at STRONG Fitness Magazine asking if there was any chance I could arrange a shoot with her.
Immediately I started laughing as what a brilliant moment of serendipity.
“Well, funny enough she will be in my studio in about five days!” I replied. And thus quickly kicked off this cover production together, our third we’ve accomplished as a collaboration.
But what makes this production so special is the amazing team of professionals I got to work with.
I’m so grateful for the team at STRONG, Vinnie and Jennifer for entrusting me with this project, to my first campaign with new editor Chelsea Clarke, to one of the best art directors in the business Erin Lutz – thank you all!
And a massive vote of gratitude goes out to one of my best friends Kirstyn Brown who in the same call to tell me the project was green lit also let me know she was stepping into a brand new opportunity outside of the magazine making it such a bitter sweet experience.
Lastly to Callie Bundy who has worked with me every single year going on six years now. From our first session where we shot at a makeshift studio in a Vegas hotel room (sorry if that was creepy btw), to creating amazing art in a Manhattan studio to this brilliant shoot together. Proud that you’re not only a long standing client but a good friend!
As you can tell, this project was way more than just another cover shoot for me. With this shoot came a tremendous amount of history and with it a lot of emotion that I worked very hard to put into the images.
So when I see this cover I don’t see a single image… I see the all collective experiences that had to culminate to make this image happen.
And I am so damn grateful for all of it and hope this cover image reflects all the work we put into it!
Thank you!
Oh ya, I guess Denise Black did a decent job on hair and makeup – ah kidding, she’s the best!
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James Patrick
IG @JPatrickPhoto