Not every talent who has been signed to a talent agency followed the exact same path to achieve that goal. Not every model who has appeared on the cover of a magazine did the exact same thing to accomplish that feature. Not every model who has worked on a commercial project took the exact same action to receive that booking.

We often fail to pull the trigger on applying for that agency, introducing ourselves to the magazine staff, showing up to the audition because we feel we have a lack of knowledge and a lack of understanding about the “perfect way” to accomplish it.

This extends into the reason we didn’t start our blog, the reason we never published that e-book or the reason we never launched that business.

Do you honestly believe that everyone who has done something similar to what you want to do followed the exact same path, step for step? Highly doubtful right?

So why hesitate a moment longer trying to figure out how to retrace another’s steps?

There is no one perfect way to achieve anyone worth achieving – there is only the way you are going to do it. Your way.

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto