New James Patrick Photography Watermark

New James Patrick Photography Watermark

After giving it a lot of thought, and after a great conversation with a creative director, I’ve decided to refine how we brand and watermark the images that we send to our modeling talent clients.

For the past few years we have used our primary logo of James Patrick Photography to stamp images before we send them out to our clients to use on their social media channels, whereas the high resolution print versions were sent without any logo or branding.

In efforts to explain the reason for the new watermark and branding on the images is that our goal is to keep the viewer’s focus and attention on the modeling talents in the photo as well as the art work itself. We do not want the viewer to be too distracted by to branding of the team which created the image.

As a result we have shifted to using our secondary logo which is a small JP that will be placed in the corner of the image both in a smaller size as well as being transparent in opacity.

This keeps the attention and focus on you, our clients.

On a related note, we want to get work through the style of how we shoot as well as earning your good word – not through spamming our logo upon each image.

A couple things to add in.

First, we are not abandoning our primary full logo. This is still a part of our own branding; it just will no longer be used to watermark images we send out to our modeling clients.

Second, if you would like us to shift the branding on images you have received from us to the new format – please let us know. Although it may take a few days to get it back over to you, I believe it is important to offer that option.

Thank you so much for continuing to read my blog and for sharing it with your colleagues and friends!

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