A colleague of mine was looking for a student photographer to photograph an event they were hosting. They posted the casting call up on a job board and had about 50 applicants which both surprised and overwhelmed them. As a result they asked me to collate through the applications to help choose the best photographer for the job. 

I ended up finding one who had the experience and portfolio that matched what she needed for her project. The student photographer was offered the paid gig and accepted.

The day of the event, I decided to drop by to see how everything was going and had a chance to meet the student photographer. He thanked me for being the person “responsible for him getting hired.”

I gave him my card and asked him to get in touch with me so we could chat more about future opportunities.

It has been about three weeks since the event and I’ve had two potential projects for this person. Yet I’ve not received an e-mal from them.

Once you get a business card – send a message that day, the next day at the very latest. Do not allow a connection to fade away before it could even establish its roots.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto