I was sitting in the lobby waiting for a portfolio review with a magazine’s photo editor when I struck up a conversation with the receptionist. She is an avid photographer who is obsessed with taking endless photos of the Brooklyn Bridge (because every photo she takes is something completely unique and different) as well as photographing at all of her family and friend’s wedding as a gift to them. We talked back and forth about the love and joy for creating art when she asked me “so, what do you love most about being a photographer.”

I paused, realizing that no one has ever asked me that question.

Sure I am often asked why I became a photographer, how I work as a photographer, what type of photography do I do – but never before had someone inquired so to what I loved most about being a photographer.

It took a moment of thought and pause when I came up with the following response.

“Do you remember that job you had, maybe it was in high school or college just to have some spending money? And do you remember when you would occasionally skip out on that job so you could do something else for the day? Remember that feeling you had during that? It didn’t matter what you ended up doing that day – but it was that sense of excitement and freedom. That is what I feel like every day working as a photographer. It is not merely a job of mine – although I take it very seriously. It is a life that I got to personally was able to chose for myself and every day I can make it to be whatever I want – and that feeling can never be matched.”

So I ask you the same question that I was asked – what do you love most about whatever it is you spend your time doing? Feel free to share your responses with me via e-mail or comments on my blog. I look forward to hearing back!

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto