When I travel I sometimes feel I am forced to read the USA Today, which, as a former journalist, is a pretty bleak portrayal of the American media system. For example, sometimes when there is daylight savings time the newspaper will publish an article or graph on what people will do with that extra hour they get. Some people will say they will clean the house or visit with friends or spend the time reading. Honestly? People will spend it doing whatever it is they normally do except now they will get 60 extra minutes.

However, what if you had a full day. Not just an unnoticeable hour in the midst of a day but an entire 24 hours. In fact, even an added day on the calendar that 75% of the time is not there.

This year we have a leap year giving us that 29th day in the month of February. Some of us may still have to work our regular jobs that day but with 366 days in the calendar instead of 365 is there something we could be doing with that extra time?

What can you commit to accomplishing on this leap year? For myself I have decided to spend a significant portion of time working on a new venture I will be launching. I’ve already written that in my calendar.

The process of writing it down secures that day as being separate, as being extra, from the rest. So decide what you would like to achieve this leap year and jot it down now. Keep that day separated from blending in with the rest.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto