Let’s be honest. We are part of an extraordinarily egocentric industry, and it is easy to understand why (as well as difficult to dispute otherwise).

If you are a model, you must always be displaying your best, most pristine look (and in our niche genre, your great physique).

If you are a photographer, it is a constant struggle to illustrate why your talent and vision is superior to that of your competitors.

The same challenges apply to makeup artists, graphic designers, illustrators, web designers and so on. Welcome to the wonderful world of being a creative agent.

However, we need to realize that it is not about us. It is not about being the best looking model, the most published photographer nor the most versatile makeup artist.

So when we drop the self-centered focus, the egotism, the solipsism and the narcissism, we begin to see what it is actually about.

It is about our clients. The end users. It is about the people that we serve. The magazine editors, the art directors, the advertising agents and so on. Think about the clients you work for. That is who this is all about.

How can you better serve them?
How can you add more value to whatever it is you choose to do?
How can what you do benefit them and their needs? Their requirements? Their concerns?

In any creative field, your job is to figure out what matters most to your clients and to solve that problem.

James Patrick