Frankly, I am a little surprised. The James Patrick Photography blog has been live with at least one article (often two) going out each week for the past four years. The Pro Exposure podcast launched over two years ago and has more than 60 free episodes about how talents can advance their careers. It was over the summer that I launched the Fit Model Guide e-book on what fitness models need to know to get published.

However I am still getting the same questions almost daily. How can I get published? How can I pitch myself? How can I get commercial work? How can I submit to agencies.

We’ve created hundreds of hours of information for you to digest – it is there for you to use now. Dig through the blog, listen to the podcast, read the e-book. Take me up on these resources and show me that you’re listening.

But there is more…

The team is also expanding The Pro Exposure network to include new podcasts, articles and video features for our audience. Lastly, we are working on a live event which would include the information you as a modeling talent are seeking in respects to growing your career.

This is being done for you.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto