We just released a new episode of The Pro Exposure podcast that discusses the positioning of your brand as a modeling talent in the marketplace. You can listen to part one of the two-part episode for free here. The second episode will be released in two weeks and will discuss various tips to consider when developing your personal brand position.

The inspiration for this podcast (and this morning’s blog) came from a conversation I had with fellow photographer and podcast co-host Jason Black on the public display of talent’s brands and how the industry can (and will) respond to it.

When it comes to positioning yourself as a talent – the work you show communicates and defines the brand that represents you. Thus the quality of the work you showcase will impact (good or bad) the perception of your viability as a professional talent.

If you, as a modeling talent, are unwilling to invest in the development and display of your own brand – why would you (or how could you) expect someone else to?

Now this is not a push or encouragement for you to hire and pay the most expensive service provider – but instead a recommendation for you to focus on the quality of the work that represents you as a talent.

To reframe it slightly – if the work in your portfolio that you distribute gives potential clients a vibe, look or feel of being unprofessional or cheap – would you truly be able to attract the types of higher quality professional work opportunities you are seeking?

Whereas demonstrating that you are willing to invest into the professionalism of how your brand is portrayed (whether it is an investment of time, energy, finances or all the above) increase the likelihood of your target clients reviewing it favorably.

I’ve blogged and spoken about it several times. If your goal is to develop your career within the talent industry – what could possibly be more important for you to invest in?

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