What is your background prior to starting Boost?
My background is purely lingerie. I am a qualified and trained lingerie designer. I worked in the manufacturing industry as well as in the retail lingerie buying industry for many years. I dealt with the world’s biggest lingerie retailers. Lingerie is an industry where you have to learn from the bottom, you have to experience it. The “on the job” training was priceless.

What inspired you to start Boost?
At the time when I noticed a gap in the fitness world, I was traveling for work on a weekly basis. I was based in London for 10 days every month but traveled all over the world selling lingerie. Coming from a lingerie background. Fitness was always a passion for me but I could never find fitness apparel that fitted like I wanted it to. I knew there was a gap in the market. On my travels I kept an eye out for fitness apparel and knew that one day that “specialized space” could be mind.

What separates your brand from other fit apparel companies?
The Boost Gymwear brand is a highly fashionable brand that actually follows outerwear trends and not fitness trends. We are a unique designer brand that offers fashion products fast, but most importantly, we are able to custom fit for any size online. I don’t think there is another fitness brand worldwide that is catering for this marketing, especially online.

With lingerie as my background, this was an easy and natural transition. Furthermore, we custom color also – this means that a client can choose any style and order it in any color and in their own fit too! Customer service is very, very important to us – we always want our customers to feel like they are getting personalized service.

Your work has appeared on a lot of publication covers. How have you created this opportunity?
The magazines are great, the photographers are talented, the athletes and cover girls are hot; but at the end of the day if the product is great too, the cover looks great! It’s a combination of all four and in the past, the clothing often used to get ignored. I think the magazines have realized that a great cover increases sales, and that is what it’s all about!

Fit apparel is going through a huge explosion right now. What trends have you noticed in the fitness apparel industry?
Right now it’s all about using sheer fabrics. The fashion has changed a lot over the past few years since everyone wore bootlegs and short fitted tops. Now it is about comfort and easy wear-ability. Fitness has become fashion, which is just perfect for Boost Gymwear.

When it comes to booking talents to appear in your marketing materials, what do you look for?
Over so many years we have been highly selective, but at the end of the day it’s all about commerciality. I personally look at smile first. It has to be natural and approachable. We look for a girl that is in between a model and a fitness athlete. Just a normal toned girl that appeals to everyone.

What are red flags you have seen when trying to book talents that others should avoid?
People that believe they are bigger than the brands and industries are a no go for us. We want to be associated with the best people not just the best looking people!

What do you believe are things talents can do to better their marketability to Boost or better partner with you?
I’m a big believer in loyalty. I think that is what shows professionalism.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto