I am going to make some presumptions about who you are. If you are reading this, then you are someone who works hard but know there is a better path for you and that you deserve more for your effort. You are willing to do the work required, but perhaps you don’t know the specific steps to take to grow your business and your brand. You are someone who has passion, you have dedication, but you want guidance and mentorship.

You are an entrepreneur!

When we launched the Get Amped Mastermind is sold out in only 3 weeks (when we thought it would take 3 months). We learned how hungry you are to learn, to grow, to be held accountability and to get guidance on your journey to grow your career.

Because of this… I created an entrepreneur and artist coaching and mentorship program for individuals like you! Individuals who are committed to growing a successful business and are ready for that extra edge! This is the program and guidance that I personally wanted in my own journey!

We will dive deep into your brand and get into the granular details of your business so we can set goals that will challenge and motivate you. Our strategic planning may include marketing, sales and business development strategy, sales techniques, influencer status and promotion, perceived obstacles and barriers as well as developing the story of your brand.

This process and newly formed collaboration will be guided by my own insights derived from two decades of experience in developing the strategies needed to properly envision your future and orient your actions to achieve extraordinary results.

The program is perfect for you if you…

  • Are ready to be COMMITTED to your journey as an entrepreneur
  • Are ready to possess a NO-QUIT, CAN-DO attitude in your business
  • Are ready to BREAK THROUGH previous obstacles and barriers
  • Are ready to be held ACCOUNTABLE for your goals
  • Are ready to define and OWN your success on your own terms
  • Are ready to RAISE the bar and increase your prosperity

We are the artists of our own careers and we can adjust the canvas of our future through focused visioning, careful planning and purposeful action and accountability!

Contact ME today to schedule a free consultation to see if I can be of service to you in your career journey! Just send me an e-mail on my site jamespatrick.com to get the process started!

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto