The definition of success is not as clear as you might initially have thought. It is actually quite subjective – something that I personally have only recently come to learn.

For example; some may define success as having an enormous social media following – so all their energy goes into building and growing that following at whatever costs (time or financial). Others may define it as the number of times they see themselves on the cover of a magazine. Some others may look at it as the amount of financial revenue they bring in. Perhaps some would define it as being hired to work a promotion or a booth.

In hindsight; even my own definition, how I personally defined success, has shifted and evolved over the years. What I did consider as success even two-to-three years ago does not fully apply to how I evaluate my business and direction today.

The question is not whether other people or not will understand or agree with your definition of success – it is solely for you to decide. It distills down to you personally and what metrics you will use to measure your level of success.

Now you can ask yourself the most important question… are they the right metrics for you?

James Patrick
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