It was 12:22 the night before a photo shoot when a text message came through on my phone. Fortunately for all parties involved I ad left the phone in another room while I was sleeping, but the following morning I saw the text.

“I’m drunk. And prob will show up drunk lol my bad. Just FYI.”

This was from a model who had a booking with me the next day. I was stunned when I saw it the next morning and simply responded “Then do not come.”

I cannot imagine who would drink the night before the photo shoot knowing how drinks can affect the body as well as the ability to sleep. Imagine making good pictures of someone hung over with bags under their eyes and no energy.

The model tried to protest saying “I’m totally fine and ready to shoot. I had one shot and was joking with u last night.”

Whether or not that was true or a cover up – it was not the best joke and not something you text at 12:22 in the morning before you have a photo shoot.

This showed a couple things to me. Immaturity of the talent, lack of professionalism, lack of care – but most important, lack of respect for a professional’s time.

It doesn’t matter if you think the shoot is a value to you or not. Because what did this model achieve? First off they didn’t get their shoot. But secondly, they ruined any chance of future work with us and our clients. All of this could have been avoided by better decisions.

If you don’t want to take on a project or a shoot – simply don’t. Do not agree to it and then make a complete ass of yourself leading up to it. That can and will affect future work.

For example, we had someone pull out of a magazine interior shoot the day before the shoot leaving us with less than 24 hours to replace them. What they did not know was that they were slated to be on an upcoming cover. Pulling out of one shoot cancelled them out of the cover photo shoot.

Treat every project, every photo shoot, every meeting as if it were the most important thing you have going on – because it very well might be.

James Patrick
instagram @jpatrickphoto