A magazine comes out and you were fortunate to land a feature inside the issue or, better yet, you are on the cover!

Now the time clock has started. In 30 days that magazine will no longer be on newsstands and will be replaced by another publication featuring someone else. You need to capitalize on this opportunity to leverage your feature and help it grow your influence or your profits.

Here are some pointers on how to gain extreme momentum with a published feature.

  • PROMOTE the feature on all of your social media channels. Help the publication out by driving traffic back to them. Encourage people to pick up the issue. Take a photo holding the issue. Ask people to tag themselves grabbing a copy of the issue. Do native posts as well as stories.
  • GO BEHIND THE SCENES by sharing the details on how the feature came together. Perhaps it is a blog feature, or a YouTube showcase or a podcast where you go into the background on how the feature, photo shoot and resulting printed piece was put together. Share the behind the scenes articles on your social media channels and consider promoting those posts.
  • USE THE LOGO from the magazine on your website under a headline saying “As Seen In” or “As Featured In” in effort to increase your credibility with your audience.
  • HAVE A CALL TO ACTION on all your channels. Your social media channels should be encouraging all your new visitors to check out your website where they can sign up for your newsletter, or obtain your lead magnet, in exchange for their email address. This is crucial so you capture their information before you lose their attention in you.

You can also make magazine features work for your brand in perpetuity. Going back to repost your published features, sharing information about it, behind the scenes and more to either remind people that you were featured, or to show new followers or subscribers your validated features that they were not aware of!

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James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto

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