Leading up to and at FITposium 2018 I had countless people come up to me with questions on what could be the next steps in their journey.

After listening to their query I would give them both a short and long term strategy for what their next steps should be. Usually the short term action required that they followed up with me to let me know what they had discovered, done, taken action on.

Perhaps it was as simple as listen to this podcast and let me know your top take-aways… or research 3 photographers and get back to me with the name of the person who stood out to you the most.

Now here is where it gets interesting.

Imagine the number of people who dismissed my advice as if it was not serious enough to actually help them. In reality; it was a test. And we are paying attention.

The people who got back to us with their report to let us know what they did and discovered are the ones we know to invest our time and energy into. They are the ones who have proved they are serious.

The others, by dismissing the casual advice, really just indicated that they were not interested in doing the work themselves.

Consider how often you receive small solicited advice. Are you following it?

Those SMALL actions leave BIG impacts.

James Patrick
IG @Jpatrickphoto