Having an e-mail list is crucial because it is an audience you own versus an audience you rent.

Social media is great for fast acceleration of brand awareness, but not the best platform to sell on for two reasons.

  1. People are not surfing instagram holding their CC in their hands
  2. The algorithm is ever changing to hurt your engagement

But there is no algorithm for e-mail. Good e-mails get opened. Bad e-mails don’t. And you OWN YOUR LIST which is ever more important.

STEP 1) Create a free opt-in
A lead magnet that your target audience will want to have access to. A free guide, e-book, digital download, quiz, survey etc. It has to have enough value for people to want to give you their name and e-mail address in order to get it.

STEP 2) Build a landing page
Have a page where people can opt-in to download the guide. See an example here. There is only ONE THING a visitor can do on this page and that is sign up for the free opt-in.

STEP 3) Drive traffic to the landing page
This can be done through advertising, through your organic promotion as well as collaborating with friends or influencers to promote the free guide. You want everyone in your target demo to know this exists.

STEP 4) Develop an e-mail nurture sequence
Once someone opts-in, that should trigger an e-mail nurture sequence which softly guides the subscriber to purchase from you. A quick 3 e-mail sequence would be:
– E-mail 1: Your free guide, plus introducing yourself which indoctrinates the subscriber
– E-mail 2: BONUS value just because you care and want to help
– E-mail 3: Call to Action (CTA) asking subscribers to take the next step with you

Step 4 can be expanded as much as you would like to include multiple CTAs as well as testimonials, confronting objections and offering discounts.

The point is – start simple, start acquiring an audience that you own!

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto