After two years in the making, internationally-published fitness photographer James Patrick reveals all in this new guide on what you need to know to develop and market your brand to magazines, build relationships with the media and get published in the fitness industry.

Learn about what magazines are looking for directly from the editors themselves, top advice from communication specialists and lessons learned from highly published fitness models in multiple exclusive interviews this guide features.


If you are like many other fitness models and talents, it is your dream to get featured within the pages or even on the cover of your favorite fitness magazine. But do you ever feel overwhelmed or frustrated because you are not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’ve sent out a few pitches and have not heard back and assumed you didn’t have what it takes? You are not alone!

Pitching yourself to magazines as a freelance model has never been easy. There are so many publications but so little direction on how to apply and how to get the attention of the decision makers to be noticed.

That is why I created Fit Model Guide. As a photographer who has worked trying to get magazines to pick up pitches I know how hard it can be to navigate through the publishing industry, fearing rejection and not hearing back.

There is a better approach to marketing yourself to magazines. I’ve taken my knowledge and experience as an internationally published fitness photographer and combined it with some of the best experts in the industry including editors of magazines, communication specialists and highly published fitness models to create this e-book on how to get published.


I have spent more than a decade photographing covers and spreads for various publications. His work has been featured within the pages of Max Sports & Fitness Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine, Iron Man Magazine, Physique Magazine, Fitness Magazine (SA), Australian Iron Man Magazine, New Zealand Fitness Magazine, MMA Uncaged Magazine, Oxygen Australia Magazine, American Health & Fitness Magazine, Scottsdale Health Magazine, ultra-FIT Magazine, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, Shape Magazine (MY), So Scottsdale Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine Germany, Fitness Plus Magazine, Fit n Fast Magazine and many more!

From understanding the publishing industry, to researching and targeting your audience, to creating stronger submissions – this e-book gives you the information and tools to better pitch yourself to the magazines you want to work with.

This guide features interviews with multiple magazine editors, published fitness talents and marketing and communication specialists – all providing you with the insights you should know about piecing together your marketing efforts for magazine work. Inside we feature interviews with editors from Max Sports & Fitness Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine, Fitness Magazine (South Africa), Iron Man Magazine and more!

By purchasing and reading this e-book you will learn:
– The best methods to promote yourself to publications
– Who the right contact people are
– How to leverage print work into additional work
– How to write your pitches
– Which images work best over others

You’ve worked hard as a fitness talent thus far. Now it is time to work smarter. Supplement your current efforts with this guide now.

All of this is available to you for only $29.99


Stop waiting to launch your fitness dreams. Every day that goes by is a day with more and more competitors entering the marketplace. The longer you wait to take action – the more competition you allow to enter the market before you.

I’ve had the privilege of working with literally hundreds of fitness talents helping them launch their publishing dreams throughout the US, Canada, South Africa, the UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and more. The practices contained within the guide are time tested and proven to help talents in their media marketing efforts.

Here is everything that this guide includes:
– Better understanding the media
– Writing and delivering your pitches
– Developing strong media relationships
– Working with photographers
– International pitching
– Local market pitching
– Online pitching and marketing
– The next step after you’ve been published!

For this e-book we have exclusive interviews with 6 magazine editors, 5 published fitness models, 2 communication experts and more!

Warning: In order for this guide to work and be of benefit to you, you must put the materials in it to use. You must be willing to do the work. This is not about quick fixes, short cuts or small solutions. It is about learning the true details of how to market yourself and putting forth the investment of time and energy to grow successful relationships with the media.


Being a talent in the fitness industry can be exciting and empowering. This guide will give you the information you need to accelerate your journey – however it requires modeling talents who are willing to do the work. If that is you and you are ready to start taking action now then purchase this e-book today.

I am very excited to see what this guide can do for you.

To your future success,
James Patrick