Unfortunate in our industry we are always seeking the next new project; typically with a fresh client. However this can create an endless feast and famine cycle in your business as a model, as a photographer or even as a personal trainer. Most businesses have discovered that it there are numerous benefits to focus on current clients as opposed to spending all resources to procure only new clients. These include…

…It is less expensive (time, money and resources) to retain a current client than to obtain a new client.
…Current clients (if you did your job right) already trust you and have shown they are willing to hire you.
…You already know them, their expectations and what would satisfy them.
…the list goes on.

So what are ways to develop successful client relationships that can help you in getting additional projects?

1) Start with getting to know them very well. What are their likes and dislikes? What are their needs in their business? Develop a firm understanding of who they are. This will help you significantly when you try to line up your services to their needs.

2) Demonstrate your ability or expertise. Now that you know what your client needs (and why they need it), you can approach them with your solution. And regardless of what you do, you offer solutions (yes, even as a model).

3) Don’t just deliver. Super deliver! Be the talent who is remembered. You went the extra mile. You put forth the additional effort. You did something new and different that worked.

4) The most crucial step is this one, which ironically is the one most of us fail to do. Stay in touch! Follow up with your clients. See what is new with them. See what they have coming up. Keep them information of what you have been doing. Eventually you will get wind of a new project, which leads back to step 1, understanding them and their needs. And the cycles goes around and around and around.

Best wishes in your marketing endeavors!

James Patrick