When you chart off to do something that is not scripted for you, something that is not expected of you, something that defies the norm a few interesting things happen.

First off, you will notice a lot of people who rally to your support. Who are impressed with what you are setting out to do and who will line up behind you to push you forward.

However, you will also have those who will try to stand in your way, some of them not even realizing they are doing it. It could be parents, friends, old colleagues or co-workers. They allow their own fears to get in the way of your direction and vision.

They may try to dissuade you from what you want to achieve or create additional obstacles for you to overcome. Worst yet, they may resent you for the success you start to achieve.

The resentment of success in our culture is a fairly new phenomena, which is truly an atrocious development. As you begin to create great things for yourself – there will be many who will work against it, try to diminish it, extinguish it, destroy it.

They will troll on your efforts. They will speak out against you. They will try to mar what you are doing simply because they fear they cannot do it themselves.

Be on the look out for even your closest of friends who can become your biggest detractors. Once you are able to recognize them you can move past their limitations.

James Patrick
IG @jpatrickphoto