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It was 8 long years ago I decided to step on stage and compete in the NPC’s Men’s Physique Competition. What that meant was that I had to shed 60 pounds to get to a weight that I had not been at since I was 16 years old playing high school football.

It was a 16 week process to get myself on stage – but I had done something intentionally to help myself in the process.

Right at the onset of this journey I went to Facebook and posted about my intentions, what I wanted to do and that I needed help from everyone I knew to push me and to keep me accountable.

Over the 16 weeks that ensued I would not only get texts and e-mails from my tribe, but everyone I would see someone I would know I would be asked about my progress.

I created mass accountability and was held to my goals for the duration of my 16 weeks, which got me up on stage and even earned a call out in my class. Granted not something I would ever fathom doing again for a myriad of reasons – but let’s explore the creation of mass accountability.

The positive social pressure to continue to push towards your goals or your intention serves as a constant reminder on why we are striving to make a change or accomplish something new.


  • Have a clear ask. One of our primary rules is “you don’t get what you don’t ask for” – we have become so bad at requesting or asking for help, but it is the paramount thing that can get you more of what you want and need. But make sure your ask is clear and easy to follow. In my case it was “when you see me, ask me how I am doing in my training and nutrition.” That simple and clear request served as a constant reminder to push hard towards my goals.
  • Set a real deadline. When I asked for help it was for the March 2012 competition. I set the date and shared that with my tribe/audience so they knew what the timeline was. Also if we don’t set a deadline, we don’t take it as seriously.
  • Repeat and remind. Everyone is super busy – of course. So don’t be shy about the occasional reminder and request for support, help and accountability.

There are a variety of other ways in which you can create this accountability.

  • Join a mastermind like where your coaches and fellow mastermind members push you and hold you accountable
  • Create your own accountability tribe or network you can connect with
  • Make a wager based upon your goal/target and share the terms

How has creating mass accountability worked for you? Let me know!

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James Patrick
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