When you think about it, getting noticed is not all that hard.

While I was at dinner on Sunday night I glanced up at the television in the restaurant to see a live “music” performance complete with the female “artist” doing a striptease and a lap dance.

If this person’s mission was to get noticed then I would say “mission accomplished.”

And I was not the only one who noticed. Within minutes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram was flooding with posts and images from a sea of individuals giving their collective feedback and reaction to the show. None of it was favorable; but no one can deny. She got noticed.

Models can take and post near-nude images of themselves online and get noticed; sometimes get noticed a lot.

The difference between getting noticed and getting recognition is anything but subtle. If your entire focus is just on getting noticed then be prepared for a short journey that is not sustainable over time.

By contrast, gaining recognition could mean not getting noticed in the early stages. It is a true dedication and focus on your craft and passion. When you invest yourself into the long game, it is not guaranteed that everyone will like it; and that is okay. The point is that you never sold the potential of your brand short by just trying to get noticed.

James Patrick
Twitter @jpphotography
Instagram @jpatrickphoto