From the first day at FMI Los Angeles, some of the lessons learned we can share with you…

1) Prior to attending any conference, put some thought into what you hope to get out of the event. Who is attending, what sessions would be most valuable, what results would you like to see after the event is concluded?

2) Remember that everyone is there for the same reason. Chances are, they are just as nervous as you.

3) The conference is being put on for you. You are the audience (meaning that you are the consumer). Thus, don’t be afraid to seek out the resources you want and to get the answers to the questions you might have.

4) Understand that this is a whirlwind experience. You will get the opportunity to meet a bevy of different professionals in a flurry of networking sessions and educational seminars. Take a deep breath and be sure to relax and have fun with it!

James Patrick
(Guest posted along with Jason Black and Kimberly Miller)